Global Asia: Tax transformation and opportunities

Post-pandemic Asia has seen a proliferation of tax developments in response to economic and political change. Global and regional tax MNC tax executives ask WTS Global to support them in navigating this fast-changing landscape. Our latest Asia Pacific brochure provides insights, analysis, links to further information and contact  details to help clients keep pace with what matters most.

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Some key themes associated with the post-pandemic recovery of economies and businesses covered in this publication:

      1. Pillar Two-GloBE roles implementation is at this point of time scattered in Asia. For companies operating in Asia, it is crucial to monitor the legislative process and to be aware of this “incomplete puzzle”

      1. US-China trade tensions continue to shape global value chains and global investment flows continue as strategic derisking considerations weigh heavily on all businesses.

      1. Tax reliefs and subsidies for businesses have been part of a number of governments’ recovery plan in the region to help spur economic activities.

      1. This is complemented with stricter tax audits and tax compliance requirements. There have been a number of noteworthy jurisdiction-specific changes, such as the introduction in UAE of corporate tax and transfer pricing, the relocation of the Indonesia capital city and anticipated policy changes for China’s mega-metropolitans