Global Asia: Tax transformation and opportunities

Post-pandemic Asia has seen a proliferation of tax developments in response to economic and political change. Global and regional tax MNC tax executives ask WTS Global to support them in navigating this fast-changing landscape. Our latest Asia Pacific brochure provides insights, analysis, links to further information and contact  details to help clients keep pace with […]

Post-pandemic Asia Pacific: Taxation fast lanes and speed bumps

Post-Covid Asia Pacific recovery promises new opportunities for businesses. However, the need to replenish coffers, the changing international tax and geo-political landscape will pose challenges for tax regulators and tax leaders. On the back of an uncertain economic backdrop, an evolving digital economy and the growing climate crisis, governments and businesses face interrelated challenges. Tax […]

Prime Minister’s Stimulus Package for Construction Industry

1.      Foreword  The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced a comprehensive relief / stimulus Package for the Construction Industry on 3’ April’ 2020 amidst COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak. The Package seeks to secure livelihood of the labor dependent on Construction Industry of the country, stimulating the economy and to shape access to affordable housing. The President […]